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Fleets: definition (noun) - a number of vehicles of many descriptions operating under the control of one person or organisation:
Enabling: definition - Give the authority or means to do something; make it possible.


“In today’s litigious, legislative, highly regulated, ever changing fleet world, a fleet running efficiently is something to be admired.” Marcus Puddy – Managing Director

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‘Fleet Consultancy’ is a term used to describe the information flow between a fleet operator and PVS in order to identify and implement improvements that will increase operating profits.

Fleets: definition (noun) - a number of vehicles of many descriptions operating under the control of one person or organisation:
Consultancy: definition (noun) - a company that gives expert advice on a particular subject, (verb) - the activity of giving expert advice on a particular subject 

Operating a vehicle fleet is becoming more difficult almost on a week-by-week basis.

The internal resource/intelligence (and therefore expense) necessary to keep track and interpret the many changes affecting fleet operation is no longer a viable option for many organisations. These organisations then find themselves falling foul of issues such as legislation and financial regulation. Or, they simply operate the wrong vehicles for the task in hand, and/or they lose money on mismanaged service, maintenance and repair.

This is where PVS Fleet can add value.

We can either work with your fleet team to ensure the efficiencies you require; or you can outsource your fleet management to us completely.

Fleet Strategy.


Vehicle Strategy

  • Appropriate Vehicle Selection

  • Replacement Scheduling

  • Service & Maintenance Arrangements


  • Mileage Management

  • Fuel Management

  • Education


  • Legislation

  • Duty of Care & CSR

  • Risk Management


Fleet Procurement

  • Vehicles

  • Conversion & Graphics

  • Tyres & SMR

  • Fuel Cards

  • Telematics

  • Breakdown

  • Accident Management

Fleet Initiative Implementation

  • Suppliers

  • Service Providers

  • New Orders & Builds

  • Contracts

  • Review & Feedback

  • Grey Fleet

Fleet Review

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Management Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Non-Conformity Reports

  • Specialist Analysis



Creating and implementing the right strategy for you.

The PVS Fleet team are specialists in devising and implementing fleet strategy that allows you to maximise efficiencies within your fleet and therefore maximise profit.

The process is a simple one but the intelligence supporting the decisions is highly developed and constantly being updated against the backdrop of shifting EU legislation and evolving technology.

One size doesn’t fit all.

In a world where every organisation is unique, having a single process to try to achieve the same desired result will not work. Individual success requires individualised planning and an objective exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

In short, at PVS Fleet, we ask many questions. This in-depth ‘review’ of your current business is the only way to identify ‘what’s good and what’s not so good’.

The review provides sign posting for the PVS team, pointing them in the direction concerning issues such as support relationships and procurement partners. When change is implemented, the review process is then repeated to ensure the changes are having the desired effect. These results are constantly fed back to management so the PVS Fleet benefit is realised.

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