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Development: definition (noun) - the process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more advanced:
Enabling: definition - Give the authority or means to do something; make it possible.


 “Growth can only happen when business owners/leaders are prepared to talk, listen, understand and make changes.” Rob Rudd



PVS Development is one of the four pillars supporting the activities of the PVS Group.

PVS Development complements the other divisions by addressing the challenge of increasing business profits through devising and implementing efficient sales and marketing strategies. PVS Fleet, Asset Finance and Innovation are all concerned with maximising profits by the investigation costs and operational activities.

PVS Development specialises in developing robust outbound programs such as Business planning, Sales and Marketing strategies and Training.

Why Do I Need PVS Development?

Most business owners/leaders know instinctively if the business procedures and processes are not working. Sometimes, it is far more obvious as revenue and profits start to decline. The reasons for this could be numerous:

  • Higher production costs

  • Increased competition

  • Legislation or industry changes

  • Reduced Sales

  • Employee Issues

Our task will be two-fold: to perform a structured and quantitative analysis of the data to isolate the problem and then find a promising solution.

Once we implement the solution, we measure to ensure it is working.

If business development were easy, we would not need consultants.


There is any one of FOUR reasons why you need PVS Development.

Third party perspective

Sometimes you just need an opinion from a third party. In our private lives, we use friends and family for this task. In business, we use a consultant; knowing that a consultant has probably come across your problem before and will bring new insight and perspective.

Increased Resource

Sometimes the problems you encounter are really serious and important but you just do not have the resource to address the issues properly.

When this occurs, consultants serve as temporary, highly skilled employees. At PVS Development we are totally familiar with working with new organisations on an ad hoc basis. We are easy to integrate and we are very used to a fast learning curve.

Employing a consultant also means you don not have to distract an employee from their core duties.

Gun for Hire

The most obvious reason to employ PVS development is to gain access to a highly developed skill set. These highly specialised people would not only be expensive to permanently employ, but it might be that the project is only short lived. Basically, you can hire a ‘fast gun’ just when you need it.

To Do The Dirty Work

It is largely unspoken, but sometimes controversial decisions or unsavoury tasks need the services of a consultant:

  1. To make sure the decisions you are making are right

  2. To take the emotion out of the task

  3. A consultant may better propose new initiatives that are not going to be accepted well from the company, so the company becomes slightly removed.



PVS Development can support you in a number of ways. Give PVS Development a call and ask for Rob.


Rob Rudd

M: 07971 467478
E: rob@pvsgroupuk.com